The HOPE Project (Healing hearts Of People Everywhere) is the only program you will ever need to ditch the stress and overwhelm, and bring balance to you and your family.

The HOPE Project will teach you how to stop the overwhelm, help you find more time for yourself, to learn to balance your work and home life - all without spending thousands of dollars in about 5 hours a week.

Paula has significantly improved her life using this program. She branched out and checked things off of her bucket list last year - whitewater rafting and jet skiing, lost 30 pounds and ran in her 3rd ever 10K, all while modeling what a balanced life looks like to her husband and kids.

When you come away from this program, you will have the tools to help you start dreaming again, you will know how to set goals and take action to make those dreams come true - whether it is finding a more fulfilling job, creating a stronger marriage, having more fun, losing weight, or becoming financially free.

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In this program you will get:

First we will work on your mindset. Paula and the HOPE Project team will walk you through exercises that will help you break through the blockers and limiting beliefs that hold you back from what you want

Then we will work on ways to let go of the overwhelm that has you stressed and losing sleep, cranky, gaining weight and feeling low.

Next, the HOPE Project team will help you to start dreaming again - helping you to plan out your dreams, and teaching you how to make those dreams come true - for real.

Then, you will have the tools to help improve your life in just 3 simple steps a day.

You will have a digital program and app that is a proven system for growth, along with coaching and a supportive community. Sound good?


You will receive a beautiful electronic journal created by Sheri, the founder of the HOPE Project, that will help you to implement the morning routine that has kept her balanced and grounded for 4 years.

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The HOPE Project team made this program for you. We were you. We made this for you because we want to bring back hope. We don't want other moms to lose hope. We want them to be vibrant participants in their families. We have created a community of support and paired it with a program that works. We created the HOPE Project to help make your life happy and hopeful again. 

We know you, because we were you. 

Here is my story. I left my 20 year career to be at home with my kids full time, but I didn't feel fulfilled. I spent most of my days wishing time away. During the weekdays, I was dreading the afternoons and evenings. On the weekend, I was waiting for the weekdays to return. I wanted to be present for my kids, but I found it so hard to do so. I wanted to find purpose in my life outside of my family in a way that didn't take time away from them. I knew that I needed to work on myself in order to be fully present with my family. I needed to set goals again and make a plan to achieve them. And that was the start of my journey. I am so excited to walk beside you on your journey to happiness and balance. 

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