I Already Use a Reusable Water Bottle, What Else Can I Do to Reduce Single Use Plastic for Beverages

I Already Use a Reusable Water Bottle, What Else Can I Do to Reduce Single Use Plastic for Beverages
Many of us have adopted the habit of bringing our own water bottle with us rather than purchasing bottled water when we are out and about. If you already do this, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. It's a great step toward sustainability!
If you haven't started using your own water bottle, look into how you could make that change. If you’re looking to purchase a water bottle, the best version will be stainless steel or glass. There are some great insulated stainless steel bottles on the market across a wide price range, so as we move into the warmer months of the year, that insulation factor will come in handy and purchasing one or two won’t break the bank. Beyond that, let’s look around at the other beverages that we might be consuming that are packaged in plastic. 
When my kids were younger, playing soccer, parents would always bring bottles of sports beverages or juice boxes for the kids to drink after games. I thought it was a waste of money and not necessarily healthy, but I didn't ever think about the plastic issue. The sports drinks come in plastic bottles and the juice boxes are either plastic or have a plastic straw in a plastic sleeve attached to the box with glue. Of course the whole bunch of juice boxes or sports drinks was wrapped in plastic as well, so there was a lot there.
Are there drinks that you consume regularly that are in plastic containers? If that is the case, is there a way for you to decrease the amount of plastic that you consume with them? For instance, is the beverage offered in cans or glass instead of plastic? That could be one way you could make a change. I know that for us, one beverage that we drink often is milk. We purchase milk in plastic jugs. This is something I will be looking into changing.
Is there a powdered form to the drink mix that you prefer that could be added to water instead of buying it premixed in plastic containers. I know a lot of people like to add some sort of flavor to their water, so buying small packets reduces the amount of plastic you are purchasing and throwing away. 
Do you purchase hot or iced coffee from a chain store like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Have they started back with the ability to bring your own reusable cup? Once that changes back, consider bringing your own cup with you rather than using their single use version. Typically, during the holidays, Starbucks gives out reusable coffee cups, so they want you to use them. Take them up on it. Also, what about getting a reusable straw for that iced coffee. It’s a small gesture, but if lots of people did it, it would make a difference.
The first step in changing a habit is noticing what you’re currently doing and becoming aware of areas in which you need or want to change. So, take some time to observe your current habits and pick one thing you want to change. Make that change stick for 90 days and then move on with the next.