How to Kick the Straw Habit Without Breaking the Bank
I used to think, “It’s just one straw.” Then I started learning about the number of straws used daily (500 million straws per day in the US alone). Each person in the US is estimated to use 38,000 straws over their lifetime. Given that straws NEVER decompose, that’s a lot of trash that ends up everywhere – even in our oceans.

I’m happy to report that there are lots of options available for reusable straws. Today, I’m going to focus on stainless steel straws. The first option I tried was from Final Straw, and I purchased 4 reusable straws at $25 each through their kickstarter campaign. It’s a folding straw made of silicone and stainless steel. The straw, once folded, fits into a container that you could carry with you in your purse or on your keychain. I used mine on and off for about 6 months. I liked it, but it was a bit cumbersome, and the cost made it difficult to have several in convenient locations. Plus, the diameter of the straw was narrow, so it was difficult to use with milkshakes or smoothies, and that’s something my kids drink often, especially when we go out.

I found larger diameter straws that worked better for me and my family for milkshakes. They don’t fold up to a small compact size, but they are perfect for milkshakes. We have 4 of them that live in my car – gotta be prepared for the milkshake run! The ones we use can be found here

We also have a set of regular diameter stainless steel straws that we use (again, not the kind that fold up), mostly at the house. They’re great for putting in insulated cups that have a hole for straws. The ones we use can be found here. A set of 12 is enough to share with friends and family and keep in different location so they are always within reach. The cost is considerably less than Final Straw at under $1 each. It’s a small effort, but multiplied by many, it can make a really big difference.

I’m intrigued by the straws made from bamboo, and I plan to try them very soon. I’ll be sure to review them once I do.

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