What I Wish Everyone Knew About Candles
I used to love scented candles, particularly in the fall. I don’t know what it was, but something about the cooler temperatures made me want to set one out on the kitchen counter and light it up.
Friends, I no longer use scented candles, and I’m about to tell you why.
First, candles are not environmentally friendly. Why? Because most of them are made from paraffin which is derived from petroleum. 
Second, they are not good for your health. Burning petroleum lets off toxic gases in your home. Everything from formaldehyde to toluene and benzene and other cancer-causing toxins are emitted into the air when you burn a candle. Some reports suggest that burning a candle is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. Yes, they’re that bad. Have you ever had a burning candle cause you to have a headache? It wasn’t a coincidence, I assure you.
Third, they’re not very safe. Have you ever accidentally left a candle burning when you left your house? None of us wants to burn our house down. Did you know that candles are the 5th leading cause of house fires? I’ve had friends who have experienced house fires, and it’s not something I would wish on anyone. 
You love the smell. I get it! I did too! There is a great, safe way to enjoy the delightful smells without the toxic chemicals and that is to diffuse essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants. They are extracted either through cold pressing or through steam distillation. The liquid extracted is referred to as an oil because it separates from water, but it is far different from petroleum.
Essential oils can be extracted from many different plants and combining those oils together can create a blend of aromas that can be similar to or better than those found in scented candles. Looking for a great fall combination? Why not try cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger. Just thinking of those spices makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book. 
But friends, not all essential oils are created equally. Unfortunately, essential oils are not regulated, so that means any company can put anything in a bottle and label it 100% pure essential oils even if the bottle contains completely synthetic chemicals. So how do you know if what you have is the good stuff? You need to know the company that is producing them. Check out how the company grows their plants. Ask them where their farms are located. Ask them if they use sustainable farming practices. Once you’re comfortable with the quality of the company, use them as you like. For me, the company I use is Young Living, and I’d be happy to tell you more about it. 
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