3 Reasons Moms Leave the Workforce
Becoming a mom is a life-changing event. It's a time when you learn to adjust to a new way of life, and suddenly everything is all about your little one. As your baby grows, you realize that there are more changes ahead and the time comes when you have to make some big decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not to stay in the workforce after becoming a mom. While there are many factors to consider, here are three reasons why moms may choose to leave their job.

1.    The inability to find affordable, high-quality child care
For many working moms, finding affordable child care is a struggle. Daycare centers can be expensive, and finding a babysitter who is both reliable and affordable can be a challenge. 
I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing the sticker shock of full time childcare. I was thrilled when my kids aged out of full time care, but even after care during the school year and camps or other care during the summer gave me heart palpitations.

2.    The challenge of juggling work and family responsibilities
It can be a constant struggle to find a balance between the demands of your job and the demands of your home life. And it doesn't help that society often expects working mothers to do it all. We are expected to be perfect employees and perfect parents, without ever missing a beat. But the reality is that working mothers are often just trying to do their best. We are working hard to provide for our families and to build successful careers. We are juggling a lot of balls, and sometimes we drop one or two. But overall, we are managing to keep all of the balls in the air. And that is an accomplishment in itself.

3.    The lack of workplace flexibility and support
Working mothers are more likely to feel stressed than working fathers. And it's no wonder why. In addition to managing their own workloads, working moms also have to juggle the demands of family life. This can often mean working late into the night or getting up early to squeeze in a few hours of work before the kids wake up. What's more, working mothers often feel like they have to do it all themselves. Not only are they expected to be the primary caretakers of their children, but they're also expected to maintain a clean house and cook dinner every night. It's no wonder so many working mothers end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

So there you have it. I left my career to be at home with my kids, and while it’s been a challenge, it’s also been incredibly rewarding. If you’re in a similar situation and are looking for support, please join my group on Facebook here. We offer advice and support to each other as we navigate this tricky but important stage of our lives. Thanks for listening!


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